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BY Aduylla ON Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Hello Everyone! We have a surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The website is ready!!! Yeah! visit:
Clubpenguinchip.com For see it! Thanks!
BY Aduylla ON Saturday, January 22, 2011

People! We are out for some days! But why? Because we have a surprise! Clubpenguin chip will be a web site! =D So don't stop visiting, because we are working on it =D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Very Much.....

BY NicoForever ON Thursday, January 20, 2011
¡¡Hi penguins!!
Today im very happy because my friend Rico43561 make me a member!
Here's a picture:
Bye Penguins!! ;)
BY Aduylla ON Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally! The party that everyone wants for today! The Clubpenguin expidition! That's cool! Go to clubpenguin and you will see in the town, a letter like this:

Click on "Go There" !!! You will arrive to the dock, there, you will see an arrow, go there:

You will start your expedition! Inside the first place you will see a free item, its an expedition hat:

Walk to it and click on "Yes":

There is a note on the floor too, click on it and you will see it:

Next of this, start the expedition!. You need to go to:
Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down and to the right.
Next of that you will see a big machine... but anyone know how to use it! But wait, your expedition havent end, you will receive a SUPRISE when you end it! now, try to make the machine work, if you can't, here is an image where you can see the order of the buttons:

Next of that, you will see a target, hit it 3 times and go to the barrel, and wait until you get down, next of that you will see a new place, buy a life jacket and build the boat:

And when you are ready, enter to the boat, you will arrive to a cave, enter to it.
And.... WOW!!! THE BROWN PUFFLE!!!! To adopt it, click on the note on the top left corner (see the image):

Very Cool? Well.... You have finished your expedition! Congratulations!!!!!
Your friend: -Aduylla-

BY NicoForever ON Thursday, January 13, 2011
¡¡Hello Penguins!!
I uploaded 2 videos showing you the catalog!
Here's the Sports Catalog (only review because don't have tricks)

and here the Furniture Catalog Tricks:

Bye Penguins!!
Have a good day-

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